Thyroid Disease

Thyroid disease is a condition that affects the thyroid glands in the body. These glands are near the front part of the neck. They are responsible for regulating the functioning or the organs. The hormones that are released from the thyroid glands will regulate development especially when a person is young. The thyroid also regular the metabolism. A person with thyroid disease may gain weight even if they are dieting. They may not be able to lose heaviness. There is a large variation in the effects of thyroid disease. The thyroid can become enlarged and form a goiter on the neck. While this is not attractive to look at it will not cause any health problems. Thyroid disease can also turn to cancer.

Types of Thyroid Disease

There are different types of thyroid disease. A person can have hypothyroidism where their thyroids do not produce enough of the hormone n the body. A person that suffers from hyperthyroidism has too much of the hormone in their body. A person can be suffering from an enlargement of the thyroid gland which is known as a goiter. They can have tumors that are cancerous and other tumors in this area that are not cancerous. They can also have abnormal thyroid test results without one of the previous conditions. In some cases, any issues with the thyroid will clear up on its own in a couple of months. In other cases, a person will need medical attention.

Thyroid Disease Symptoms

There are some symptoms of thyroid disease that a person should be aware of. They may gain weight with no explication. They may feel like they are in a depressed moved at all times. A person may also experience constipation, slow movement, a lowered heart rates, and the can have trouble with their memory. Some people will also experience insomnia, irritability, and anxiety.

Thyroid Disease Treatments

There are several treatment options for a person that is suffering from thyroid disease. There are medications such as thyroxine that a person will take once a day. This will help regulate the hormones. If a person has enlarged thyroid they may need to have surgery. A part or even the majority the thyroid will need to be removed so that it does not lead to cancer. A person can also get radioiodine therapy. This therapy can be used to shrink the size of the thyroid gland. The cells can even be destroyed but this treatment does have some such effects such as pain. It will help remove the thyroids if they have become cancerous.

Thyroid disease can lead to a number of health conditions. It can lead to weight gain, it can lead to growth or goiter, and in some cases it to cancer. If a person notices they are gaining weight without an explanation or if they are noticing a growth on their neck they should head to the doctor right away and have their thyroids tested to make sure they are not suffering from thyroid disease.

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