Signs And Symptoms

Signs and Symptoms

Dyslipidemia itself usually causes no symptoms.1

  • Serum lipid levels should be monitored regularly.2,3
  • Refer to the diagnostic tools section for more details.

Dyslipidemia can increase the risk of coronary artery disease (CAD) and peripheral arterial disease.4

  • Symptoms of CAD include angina and dyspnoea.
  • Symptoms of peripheral arterial disease include intermittent claudication (pain, numbness, aching, or heaviness in the leg muscles during movement and/or cramping in the legs, buttocks, thighs, calves, or feet).6
  • However, both conditions may also be asymptomatic.5,6

Very high levels of triglycerides (>11.29 mmol/L [>1000 mg/dL]) are a known but rare cause of pancreatitis in the general population.7

  • The initial sign of acute pancreatitis is gradual or sudden pain in the upper abdomen that sometimes extends through to the back.8
  • Other symptoms may include a swollen and tender abdomen, nausea and vomiting, fever, and tachycardia.8
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