Disease Information Overview


Hypogonadism is a condition where the sex glands in the body do not produce sex hormones or they produce a very small amount of the sex hormone. These sex organs include the testes in man and the ovaries in a female. These hormones control the secondary sex characteristics and play an important role in reproduction in both males and females.

Types of Hypogonadism

There are two types of this condition. There are the primary and central types of hypogonadism. The primary types mean the body is not producing enough of the sex hormones due to problems within the gonads. They are not receiving a message from the brain to produce these hormones or they are not able to make the hormones.

The central hypogonadism begins in the brain. The gonads are controlled by the hypothalamus and the pituitary glands. This means that these glands in the brains are not working properly and are not sending the gonads the message to make these hormones.

Hypogonadism Causes

There are some health issues that can cause this condition. This includes autoimmune disorders as well as infections of the gonads. Liver and kidney issues can lead to this problem. Those that have been exposed to radiation may have trouble with their reproductive organs. This condition can also be due to nutritional deficiencies, brain surgery, and obesity.

Hypogonadism Symptoms

There are some symptoms of this condition that a woman should be on the lookout for. She should be concerned if she is not menstruating, if she experiences hot flashes, if body hair is not able to grow, and if she does not have a sex drive. If the breasts and discharging a milky substance and she is not breastfeeding this can be another sign.

There are additional hypogonadism signs and symptoms that men should be on the lookout for. This includes losing their body hair and loss of muscle mass. If they begin to grow large breasts this can be a sign. If a male has no sex drive or experiences hot flashes he should go to a doctor. Men may also experience difficulty concentrating they should have a test to determine if they are suffering from this condition.

Hypogonadism Treatments

Females will begin estrogen therapy and will need to take progesterone as well. This will be regulated by a doctor. Some woman may be put on hormonal birth control to increase the levels in their body. A man may be put on testosterone treatment. he will need to get additional levels of testosterone in the body due to injection or other method determined by a doctor. If there is a tumor in the pituitary gland a person may need radiation to help shrink it. They can also try medication. If there is a large tumor they may need surgery to have it removed.

Hypogonadism affects the sex organs and the sex hormones that are produced by the body. A person should see their doctor right away to get treatment and get their sex hormone levels stabilized.

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