Thromboembolic Disease

Thromboembolic disease is caused when the blood clots and the clot gets so big it can lead to a blockage of the blood flow to parts of the body. If a person gets a cut it is normal for the blood to clot to stop the bleeding. These blood clots get so big they may cut off the blood supply to certain parts of the body.

Thromboembolic Symptoms

There are some common symptoms of thromboembolic disease that a person must be aware of. These symptoms of this disease include a feeling of tingling in parts of the body as well as numbness. There may also be some pain and a feeling of general weakness. If this condition reaches the brain a person is at an increased risk of having a stroke. They may also be at risk for kidney failure and high blood pressure. A person may also have a feeling of pain, nausea, and vomiting. If the blood clot gets real bad the body may even go into shock.

Thromboembolic Causes

There are some common causes of this condition. A person may experience thrombosis or a blood clot that has formed when a vein has broken off and is leading to excessive clotting in the body. This can also be a side effect of surgery.

Thromboembolic Risk Factors

There are some things that will increase the risk a person has for developing Thromboembolism. If a person does have these risk factors it does not mean they will get the condition but they should be aware of where these risks can lead. If a person smokes they are at a higher risk. A pregnant woman needs to be aware of any unusual feelings in their body such as numbness. A person that has hypertension is at an increased risk. People with diabetes and those that have circulatory conditions need to be aware for numbness in their bodies.

Thromboembolic Treatments

If a person does not know they have this condition they can find themselves in a very serious health condition. They may need to go to the hospital on an emergency visit and may need to be rushed in for care right away. A person may need surgery to correct this problem and allow the blood to flow through the body as normal once again. If the blood clot is preventing blood from reaching a major organ a person may need to have bypass surgery. For those that are able to catch this condition early, there is a much less drastic treatment that can be used. Taking aspirin on a daily basis can help thin out the blood and keep the blood from forming dangerous clots. If a person is feeling numbness in any part of their body they need to see a doctor right away for treatment.

If a person is suffering from this condition they need medical assistance right away. This can help reduce the chance of the blood clot from becoming too large and leading to additional health issues.


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